Mobile Rentals: What Your Service Contract Should Look Like

Mobile Imaging Rentals: What Your Service Contract Should Look Like

For most medical imaging equipment modalities, dedicated in-house engineers earn a hefty salary. Even if you are able to employ a truly knowledgeable engineer, you will also have to purchase replacement parts for equipment when repairs are necessary - and replacement parts without any kind of contract are generally extremely expensive and often times hard to find. The break-even point to the costs of an in-house engineer, plus the cost of replacement parts, usually comes at around 6 pieces of high-value equipment. Top-notch mobile imaging rental contracts, like those offered by Absolute Imaging, are essential to save you money and time.


From delivery to full operation, our professional, highly trained staff are there, working beside your IT personnel to make sure everything is in working order. Our goal is to provide your patients with best-in-class care and the highest quality imaging. 


At Absolute Imaging, our top-notch, senior-level engineers and dedicated staff make sure you are more than satisfied for the duration of your service contract. Remote monitoring alerts us when equipment is down or in need of repair.


If you have a problem, we have the parts. Our own massive parts depot has everything you need to be up and running in no time. In addition, priority access to our inventory means that you are in the know about new equipment coming to market.

24/7 Support

We are there for you at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our after-hours engineers respond immediately to answer your questions or provide the help you need.


We offer OEM prescribed preventative maintenance, which is key to keeping your equipment running smoothly. We accommodate your schedule and work quickly, so your downtime is as short as possible.


Despite good maintenance, repairs are sometimes necessary. When this happens, our expert staff are on-site with the parts you need in a 24-hour response time. And, if your unit is beyond repair, we’ll have a new one on-site within days.

The Unexpected 

At times, an immediate response may be impossible. For example, access to remote or rural areas may cause a delay. When problems come up, call us. Our professional engineers may be able to resolve the issue over the phone. If not, we can find a solution that satisfies your needs as quickly as possible.


Service coverage varies by mobile imaging provider. You must look at your rental agreement closely to ensure you are getting what you need at the best possible price. Absolute Imaging is one source you can trust. Our service coverage is second to none, and our experienced team has your best interest in mind. Schedule a call and we will help you obtain the coverage you need.

 How To; choosing the best MRI manufacturer for your facility


The first point you should check is the preference of your staff. Is there a machine there rather work with compared to the others. Do you, yourself, have a personal preference towards a certain brand.


Understanding the availability, whether it be a third party or the original manufacturer, to serving your machine on the regular basis is a big factor to consider. Finding which machine you can get serviced for the best price and fastest depending on your location is a great point to consider when choosing a machine.

Parts availability:

To maximize costs and minimize downtime on your machine, the availability of parts is a crucial factor to consider as less availability will lead to higher costs and longer waits. Ultimately leaving your machine unavailable and your facility on stand-by. These can easily be checked before purchasing any machine, be sure to do as much research as possible. 


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Best Mobile MRI for long term rental

Top Long-Term Rental Options for an MRI

Change happens. Issues spring up that you didn’t expect. You need to make a decision quickly. It’s no different in the world of mobile imaging. In this case, maybe your dilemma is that you need a mobile MRI unit for longer than anticipated, perhaps six months or more. When you need to find the ideal scanner for the long term, here are our suggestions.

All-Around Functionality

Siemens Espree

The Siemens Espree is fast, accurate, and easy to use – one of the most popular scanners around. It’s based on TIM (Total Imaging Matrix), and its 70-cm bore diameter along with its higher capacity table (550 lbs) provides optimal patient comfort with exceptional image quality. When you have a higher volume of patients, making it worth the extra cost, this is your go-to scanner. It offers a variety of scan types, seamless clinical workflow, and it’s just what you need in a longer term rental.

The Tried and True

GE LX 9.1 and Siemens Symphony

If your budget is tight or your patient volume lower, these are excellent options. The GE LX 9.1 may be a harder rental to find, but your Siemens Symphony is more available and provides exceptional image quality at a great price. It is a short-bore, whole body MRI system with lightweight coils, offering efficient workflow, high quality imaging, and reliability. Even better, parts for repairs and upgrades are readily available.

Making the Choice

Deciding on which MRI scanner to use depends on many issues – bore width, coil configuration, patient volume, specifications, throughoutput targets and, of course, image quality and patient experience. All of these considerations take on even more importance when you need a long-term rental. 


We hope we cleared up any confusion, but if you need more answers, contact us. Our experienced team of engineers has your best interest in mind. Schedule a call and we will help you determine the MRI scanner that is right for your needs. 

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