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MRI Repair and Service Packages and Contracts

#1 MRI Repair and Service Company

Time & Materials, Preventative Maintenance, Full Service.

Emergency MRI Repair

We offer complete MRI repair services. We will discover what is causing your scanner's issues and get your MRI machine back up and running as soon as possible. 

Call us immediately at 877-387-6433 to repair your MRI machine.

MRI Service Package Options 

We offer three types of MRI Service Contracts: Time & Materials, Preventative Maintenance, and Full Service.

Our flexible MRI Service Contracts ease the financial burden of costly repairs and maintenance. On-the-spot repairs without a prior relationship to the company repairing your equipment are the most costly type of repairs. Essentially, we will have to review and research your equipment and start from scratch, costing extra time and energy. You can save time & money, and mitigate your risk, by purchasing a flexible MRI Repair and Service Contract and begin building a relationship with us. We offer three standard types of MRI Repair and Service contracts (each can also be customized): Full Service, Preventative Maintenance, and Time & Materials. 

The Best Option: Full MRI Service and Repair

Covers all repairs and includes OEM prescribed preventative maintenance.

  • Covers All Repairs and Parts
  • OEM Prescribed Preventative Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Senior Level Engineers ONLY
  • 24/7 Service Coverage
  • Priority Access to Upcoming Sales Inventory 

Our Full MRI Repair and Service package will cover any and all necessary repairs to your MRI machine and will keep it in top shape with our OEM prescribed preventative maintenance schedule. We will track the health of your MRI scanner with our remote monitoring system to ensure we are notified immediately of any issues or potential issues, then send out a senior level engineer to fix the problem. Our service team works around the clock, 24/7, to ensure that you can reach us when you need us. We will always be there for you.

MRI Preventative Maintenance Package 

Covers all OEM prescribed preventative maintenance, remote monitoring, and includes discounted repairs.

  • OEM Prescribed Preventative Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  • Testing of Mechanical Systems
  • Testing of Diagnostic Performance
  • After Hours Maintenance
  • Senior Level Engineers ONLY
  • 24/7 Support Coverage
  • Discounted Repairs and Parts
  • Priority Access to Upcoming Sales Inventory

Our MRI Preventative Maintenance Package covers routine maintenance on the OEM prescribed schedule, which includes the internal and external cleaning of your MRI machine, testing of your MRI scanner's diagnostic performance, and testing its mechanical systems. We offer discounts on repairs and parts to our preventative maintenance customers because our remote monitoring system will allow us the insight into your MRI machine in order to fix any issues more efficiently, saving us both time and money. Relationships are important to us, and we like to reward our customers of all levels for choosing us. As a service customer, you will also receive priority access to our upcoming sales inventory.

MRI Time & Materials Package 

Includes remote monitoring and discounted repairs and parts.

Our Time & Materials contract is our attempt to save you from the highest costs of on-the-spot repairs. The main money and time saver here comes from remote monitoring. With an MRI time & materials contract, we will initially inspect your MRI scanner and connect it to our remote monitoring system. Our remote monitoring system gives us insight into any issues or potential issues with your MRI machine, allowing us to send out necessary parts and an engineer who already has a game plan to fix your scanner - saving us both time and money.

What kind of value will I see for my money?

Our engineers are the best in the business. We are the guys who other companies call when they need help. Our engineers won't be wasting your time and racking up hours of potential up-time when your equipment could be saving your patients and making you money. We will repair your equipment promptly and keep it in tip top shape.

We own a massive parts depot and have the parts needed to repair your equipment immediately. We employ dedicated equipment purchasers in order to maintain our large inventory of replacement parts to ensure we can get your equipment up and running as soon as possible. Furthermore, in coordination with our remote monitoring capabilities, we will ship our engineers out with the proper parts to repair your equipment.

Our logistics personnel know all of the best options, routes, and rules. We will have our engineers out to your facility within 24 hours with the parts needed to make any repair. If a required part is too large to fit on the next flight out or the engineer requires a different specific part, we know all of the tricks of the trade to get it to your facility as soon as possible.

We can have a mobile unit on site within a few days if your equipment is beyond repair. God forbid, but if your equipment is hit by a lightning strike, earthquake, or perhaps your ceiling collapses, we can have a mobile imaging unit on site within a few days at a reduced cost.

Priority access to our inventory. As a service customer of Absolute Medical Imaging, you will be the first to know of any equipment we will have coming to the market soon and will be given priority over non-customer requests with similar offers. If you are planning to expand your facility, this feature may be worth the cost alone.


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