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Medical Imaging Equipment Preventative Maintenance - Absolute Medical Imaging

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Coverage for Your Medical Imaging Equipment

What does Preventative Maintenance include?

Our Medical Imaging Equipment Preventative Maintenance Includes:

  • OEM Prescribed Preventative Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  • Testing of Mechanical Systems
  • Testing of Diagnostic Performance
  • After Hours Maintenance
  • Top Senior Level Engineers
  • Dedicated Support Staff

Who benefits most from a Preventative Maintenance contract? 

First and foremost, we always recommend a Full Service contract which completely covers all repairs and includes preventative maintenance.  A Preventative Maintenance contract, alone, will help you extend the working life of your medical imaging equipment, but does expose you to the cost of repairs if your equipment should undergo a failure or if we find a part in need of repair during an inspection. Ultimately, a Preventative Maintenance contract is great for organizations who are confident in the current condition of their equipment and are comfortable with the costs of medical imaging equipment repairs, should they be necessary.

What kind of value will I see for my money?

Our engineers are the best in the business. We are the guys who other companies call when they need help. Our engineers won't be wasting your time and racking up hours of potential up-time when your equipment could be saving your patients and making you money. We will perform your medical imaging equipment preventative maintenance and make any necessary repairs promptly and efficiently.

We offer OEM prescribed preventative maintenance at a fraction of the cost. We follow the exact same schedule and preventative maintenance procedures that an OEM service engineer would, but at 20%+ discount.

We own a massive parts depot and have the parts needed to repair your equipment immediately. We employ dedicated equipment purchasers in order to maintain our large inventory of replacement parts to ensure we can get your equipment up and running as soon as possible. Other service companies will charge you a premium for parts, because they don't have them on-hand, and have to pay another company (often times us) for the parts to repair your equipment.

We can have a mobile unit on site within a few days if your equipment is beyond repair. God forbid, but if your equipment suffers a fatal blow, we can have a mobile imaging unit on site within a few days at a reduced cost.

Priority access to our inventory. As a service customer of Absolute Medical Imaging, you will be the first to know of any equipment we will have coming to the market soon and will be given priority over non-customer requests with similar offers. If you are planning to expand your facility, this access may be worth the cost alone.


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