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Amrad Advantage DFMT X-ray machine for sale

Refurbished Amrad Medical Advantage DFMT X-ray Machine for Sale

Amrad Advantage DFMT X-ray machine for sale

Refurbished Amrad Medical Advantage DFMT X-ray Machine for Sale - Inventory #1263

Refurbished Amrad Medical Advantage DFMT X-ray Machine for Sale

Amrad Advantage DFMT X-ray machines are incredibly well built and easy to use, complete with heavy duty continuous column tubestand and a four-way float-top patient elevating table with a weight limit of 650 lbs. This Amrad Advantage DFMT X-ray system for sale wasn't just designed for quality, it was also designed to increase throughput and improve workflow. Features of this system include a large LCD screen with crystal-clear digital indications of SID and tube angle readout as well as an elevating four-way float-top table, allowing for easy patient transfer and positioning. The durability and usability of the Amrad Advantage DFMT X-ray system make it a great companion to radiology departments, orthopedic practices, urgent care clinics, imaging centers, and veterinary practices.

The easy to read LCD shows SID to table-top and table receptor with discreet SID of 40” and 72” to the wallstand, which allows for fast and accurate patient positioning. Cross-table views are easily accomplished using the rotational and transverse positioning capabilities. The 10 ft. floor track allows for off-table and weight bearing exams and is able to be customized down to 8 ft.

The Amrad Advantage DFMT X-ray system's footprint is just under 6 ft x 15 ft, and can be ordered with a 40, 50, 65 or 80 kW 200 kHz high frequency generator. A 103 LPI 10:1 grid bucky is supported by a single column wall stand for center and side mounting. Other features include a 300 KHU, 0.6/1.2 mm F.S. x-ray tube, and an MC-150 collimator rated at 150 kVp with a laser bucky light.


 Main Benefits:

  • Amrad is the High-Volume Leader in X-ray with a Proven Track Record of Quality
  • Designed for Increased Throughput
  • Heavy Duty X-ray Machine, Built to Last
  • Highest-Capacity Elevating Table with 650 lb Weight Limit
  • Crystal Clear Digital SID Readout Allows for Fast and Accurate Patient Positioning.
  • Continuous-Column Tubestand Allows for Stable Floor-Mounting

Amrad Advantage DFMT X-ray Room Accessories:

Elevating Four-way Float Top Table Radiography System

  • Extra-wide 35.5″ table top for the S222 elevating table to help patients feel more secure.
  • A Four-way lock release handle for easy patient positioning can be located anywhere on the rails of the S223 non-elevating or S222 elevating tables.
  • Four-pedal design allows for easy accessibility to table lock release.
  • Collision-protection electronics and fail-safe locks ensure safe operation.
  • Non-elevating version available

Amrad X Ray J1000 Wall-Stand

  • Center mounting or side mounting of Bucky makes this wallstand flexible for any patient application or installation limitation.
  • Ergonomically designed hand control for ease of positioning wall receptor.
  • Side-mounted handgrips stabilize patients during PA exams.
  • Overhead-Grip option available. (Not included in standard medical x ray machine cost)
  • Grid Cabinets in place of Bucky optional.

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