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Siemens C. Cam Gamma Camera for Sale

Refurbished Siemens C.Cam Gamma Camera for Sale

Siemens C. Cam Gamma Camera for Sale

Refurbished Siemens C.Cam Gamma Camera for Sale - Inventory #7837

Refurbished Siemens C.Cam Gamma Camera for Sale

The Siemens C.Cam gamma camera is a reclining cardiac-dedicated nuclear medicine system that enhances imaging accuracy and efficiency in a small 8 ft x 8 ft footprint. The Siemens C.Cam system replaces a normal patient table with a reclining chair that provides increased patient comfort, reducing fidgeting and movement, thus improving image quality. This Siemens C.Cam for sale offers ease of use, unmatched patient comfort, and high quality images at a very affordable price.

The Siemens C.Cam combines state of the art SPECT technology and one of the most comfortable patient tables to create one of the most innovative nuclear cardiology systems. This system has been internationally recognized for forward thinking and innovation in design.

The Siemens C.Cam's myocardial viability and perfusion capabilities offer cardiologists increased diagnostic confidence, while the system's fully integrated software allows analysis of ejection fraction and wall motion. This system is so compact that it can fit almost anywhere, from hospitals to cardiology offices.

Major Benefits:

  • Reclining Patient Chair/Table
  • 450 lb Table Weight Limit
  • Reduced Exam Time
  • Seamless Clinical Workflow
  • Higher Quality Images


Siemens C.Cam Specs:

  • Digital Detectors
  • Lightweight Collimators
  • Fixed 90 Degree Dual Detectors
  • 2 3/8” crystals with 14.6” x 8.4” (FOV) Detectors
  • 24 High-Resolution Photomultiplier Tubes per Detector
  • 60 - 170 KeV Energy Range
  • LEHR and/or LEAP Collimators
  • Manual Collimator Exchanger
  • Pentium III Single Monitoring Acquisition Keyboard Station

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